Performers Magdalene St. Michaels, April ONeil

Release date: October, 2009
DVD Length: 2 hours [01:58:41

She’s looking for a few good women!

Overview:  Road Queen Part 11 is the eleventh instalment in the very popular and successful Road Queen series. It stars Deauxma who is one of the most heralded actresses in the history of Girlfriends Films. She plays a stripper who travels across the desert Southwest in her custom, purple Ford automobile. Despite having several competing studios attempt to capture significant market share in the lesbian adult video industry in recent times, Girlfriends Films continues to be the leading force. Their motto is to offer the viewer “simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video” that has ever been filmed.

Scene One: While eating some cheese snacks, hostess April O’Neil and visitor Magdalene St. Michaels talk about Ms. Michael’s missing daughter. Afterwards, they head to the bedroom on account of the guest’s sore feet. Suddenly, the ladies are laying next to each other on the comfy bed. In a tender moment, they kiss. During their gentle kissing activity, April positions herself on top of her pretty visitor. Later, Magdalene’s top is removed while sensual titty play occurs. Moments later, Miss O’Neil’s shirt comes off. Ms. Michaels’ applies sexy attention to her delicate breasts. Then, April lays on top of the sensual siren while they kiss. Suddenly, the lady turns her focus to other parts of the woman’s lovely body. She removes Magdalene’s pants and undergarment. She kisses her tummy. Then, April provides a tender oral massage on her guest’s sweet beauty spot. Meanwhile, Ms. Michaels takes it all in while she caresses her own breasts. The intensity of their scene increases as Miss O’Neil uses her hand to stimulate the sexy stranger’s plaything. Magdalene’s facial expressions look hot. After kissing briefly, the hostess rolls over on her back so that the brunette beauty can offer her some personal loving. Magdalene sucks the lady’s bosoms. Later, she places her concentration down her cute body such as sweet kisses on her belly and inner thigh. The sexual heat is high. Then, Ms. Michaels’ presses those lovable lips of hers onto April’s peach with sensuous tenderness. The intensity level deepens a bit during Magdalene’s fingering of the woman’s plaything in combination with her oral stimulant. After the nice visitor’s sexy gesture, she sucks April’s breast and then, kisses her. To sum it all up, Magdalene St. Michaels has not lost her magic.

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